Product Review: Fieldworks Supply Company

The Full Line-Up

The Full Line-Up

Recently in Portland a new company has hit the scene and they are kicking butts and taking names. Fieldworks Supply Company which was started by four lovely ladies in the area, focus on men’s grooming from a natural and masculine way. They offer a full line that offers something for any man, whether you’re gruff, or dapper, or anywhere in between. I personally met with the owner Liza Dolezal, and really got a sense of how she started and where she wants to take it. They were very kind and gave me the whole line, minus one product, to try out for myself. I was blown away how great these products really worked. Also on a very cool side note, each of their products have a unique historical product number that references a manly time in history. I will explain each one.


Bar None #1046 is their all natural body soap. This bar has a great natural vetiver scent which is very clean and not overpowering. It gets your skin squeaky clean without drying it out. This is due to the bentonite clay and natural oils in the bar. They really pulled out the stops on this amazing soap and is a great value at $8.99 for what you get. 1046 is how tall the Chrysler building in New York City in feet. Since 1930 this building continues to hold the record of the tallest brick building in the world. Also each brick was laid by hand for a total of 3.8 million bricks. Pretty manly if you ask me.


Hose Off Body Wash #1677 is a miracle product in itself. It is a two in one body wash and shampoo which is ideal for travel. Now normally as soon as I see two in one on a shelf, I put the product right back. The reason is different parts of the body really do need different products. Especially the skin. But, in this case since Fieldworks has used all natural ingredients it works great. The side of the bottle says to shake well before use. This is to mix up the bentonite clay and other ingredients to make up the great soap. As you continue to use the product it actually becomes more effective over time. This is due to the ingredients becoming more concentrated with use. Speaking of concentrated, you only need a small dime sized amount for washing your hair, and a little more for your body. It is the best body wash I have ever used by far. 1677 is the year that Niagara Falls was written about by the European explorers. Niagara Falls is by far the manliness falls I have ever seen personally.


Feet of Endurance Balm #1872 is a fantastic product. This balm will not only keep your feet from cracking this winter, it will also help prevent athlete’s foot with Rose Geranium which has natural anti-fungal properties. I personally struggle with dry skin on my feet. Between my dress socks for work, our carpet at home, and the dry weather it is a constant battle. Using this balm has alleviated this issue within a few uses. Also I like many people have bouts of athlete’s foot, but again this took care of it very quickly. Now like most of their products it has bentonite clay. Bentonite has both the ability to clean dirt and grime and draw in moisture, depending on the ingredients used with it. So when applying the balm, it quickly soaked into my skin and didn’t make my foot feel slimy in my sock. 1872 is the year that Yellowstone was officially made the United States first national park.

Weather Ready Balm #1930 is a lot like Feet of Endurance but for your hands. It has similar ingredients to protect your hands from the elements, but doesn’t make them feel soft like raw chicken. Again due to the bentonite it soaks in very quickly and smells very manly, but not overpowering. 1930 is the year that plans for Hoover Dam were announced. One of the manliest projects ever attempted.

Work Horse Muscle Rub #1849 can change your day from sore and achy to feeling like a million bucks in no time at all. This muscle rub is perfect for alleviating all of those symptoms of a hard day’s work. Ginger is one of the active ingredients that keeps your muscles warm for hours. Work Horse is also great to use before a strenuous activity like Turkey Football. It will warm your muscles and help you keep loose on the field. 1849 is the year of the gold rush. Men and women flocked to west to make their fortune. 49ners as they were called, made history for their tireless efforts.


Razor’s Edge Face and Shave Soap #1953 is another two in one miracle product. This soap is so gentle yet effective at cleaning your face to prepare for a great shave, then providing a great lather for that shave. Calendula and castor oil provide a great barrier for your skin, while our faithful friend bentonite gently whisks away any dirt and grime. You can use this with a shave brush or without and still get a great shave. 1953 is the year that Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay became the first people to summit Mount Everest. If that’s not a badass, I don’t know what is.


Another Close Shave Gel #1917 is another great product for travel or daily use. This bottle packs a serious punch of great ingredients to make a fantastic lather. After a few shakes it is ready to apply to your face. The mixture really softens the whiskers making easy work for your blade. You can also use this with a brush for an even more lather. 1917 is the year that Ernest Shackelton put out an ad for his famous journey to Antarctica. Even though the ad was extremely honest about the harsh conditions and blatant danger, 5000 men still applied.


Face of Danger Aftershave Elixir #1929 is the final product that I was able to review, but I saved the best for last. Using this after a shave will immediately help hydrate and protect your face from the harsh elements, whether sun or snow. It also makes for a great daily face moisturizer. Vetiver, aloe, bentonite clay, and witch hazel are just some of the ingredients that make up this amazing balm. Again a little goes a long way which makes this bottle last for months. 1929 is the year that Admiral Richard E. Byrd flew across the South Pole for the first time. This would be cool enough, but he decided to do it four more times after.

As you can see Fieldworks Supply Company is the perfect addition to any man’s grooming regimen. Being that men are creatures of habit and tend to be very brand loyal, I can see them taking off soon and ending up in every man’s medicine cabinet. They are available online and are now sold in 70 plus Natural Grocers. I guarantee that using at least one product will vastly improve your day.


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